De-noise your video with Denoise


enjoy noise-free sounds with denoise

Want to enjoy clear sound without any surrounding noises? Why not try Denoise! We’ve told you about this new and exciting app before, but I gather it would be a nice idea to explain a bit more on the subject of noise removal. There is no reason to bear with poor sound quality in your mobile videos anymore.

Until now, you needed an external microphone to have really great audio. Not any more. Remove the noise from your videos with the easy to use background noise removal app called Denoise or just go straight to the Noise Removal App Extension so you can remove the noise right from the Photos app. Even better, the premium version of Together has the Noise Removal app built in!

Using the noise removal system is easy. Touch the ‘noise only’ area on the sound waveform; this is usually the flat area in the beginning or at the end of the waveform. By default, Denoise will always choose the first two seconds of your clip, as most often these seconds are only filled with background noise and nothing else. If this is not the case in your clip, for instance if someone starts speaking right away, just check the waveform for another ‘noise only’ area and choose that one instead.

By selecting the area you give the app the idea of what the noise is in every case, and it will use it to clean up the sound in the entire clip, just like that.

Not satisfied with the results yet? No problem! Choose another ‘noise only’ area and see if it’s a better match. Don’t worry, you’ll never lose any sound on your clip as you can roll back the effect if you’re not happy about it. Just have fun trying to find the best noise area and enjoy cleaning up the sound of your clips!

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