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Halloween is here – make your own scary movie with Together



It’s that time of year again, Halloween is just around the corner. If you’re looking for a fun thing to do this weekend, why not make a short scary movie to share with your friends on Halloween? Not sure how to? Follow these handy steps and become a proper horror specialist!

1. Pick a story
Story and screenplay are the starting point for any movie, short or long, professional or amateur. So think about it. What is the story you want to tell? In this case it doesn’t have to be long or elaborate, you don’t need a 30 page script, but you do need a begin, middle and end.
For instance; a young woman is at home alone. (begin) The doorbell rings and she goes to open it, but there is no-one there. When she walks back to the living room, there is a giant carved pumpkin on the couch with a note that says “Trick or Treat”. (middle) The lights flicker and go out and we hear an evil laugh, followed by a scream (end).
As you can see from this example, the end of  story is mysterious and does not reveal everything, but it is a proper end for a short scary movie. In this genre, ending with something scary is always a good idea, especially if you want to scare your friends when sharing your movie!

2. Actors, location and props
Story decided on, time to get everything you need to film. Get some actors (if needed), decide on a filming location and find the right props – scary decorations, knifes and a lot of ketchup might be the things on your list. And of course, get your mobile device ready, battery fully loaded, so you can use the Together app to film.

3. Start filming: techniques
Time to get filming. But how will you get your movie to be as scary as it can be? Here’s some techniques to get you started.
-darkness can be tough to capture in film. If you want to film in a dark environment, think of one or two natural lightsources to use. If you’re making a documentary-style scary movie, use the lightsource of your phone (think “Blair Witch Project”) or let your main character walk around with a torch.
-scary lighting can help make your movie even scarier. Use a torch or another lightsource and move it from one side to another as if on a ship. Try using filters for different colors (colored paper can do the trick if it’s see-through); green and red are the best colors to use here.
-handheld style filming is a classic in the horror genre too. Instead of steady shots, shake around a bit more; a shaking image will reveal less (which is scary in itself) and adds to a feel of panic and realism.
-point of view filming is also a great way to make the viewer share the scary action. Show everything through the eyes of your main character and move the camera as you would move your body/head/eyes.

4. editing techniques
Filming done, on to editing. Choose the best takes and trim them; which can be easily done with Together. When you’ve got all of the useful takes left, put them in the right order and watch the film. Together makes this easy as it can “make” and show your movie in minutes. When watching this rough material in order, you will easily see if the pacing of your movie feels right. In the horror genre, using long, slow takes to build up tension and then switching them up with a fast paced editing for the scary surprises usually works really good.
When you’re happy with the video work, add some extra scary sounds and of course music. Music is key in this genre and can be used to enhance any video. If you have no idea what to use, Together has some great soundtracks built in – I recommend “the strategy” or “espionage” for exciting scenes.

5. share and scare
Finished? Share your movie and scare your friends. Made a Halloween video with Together? Do let us know as we’d love to be scared too! Happy Halloween!


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