How I Make Travel Videos


Travel Video

I travel a lot and I think many do the same. There are some people who seem to spend most of their time travelling. I intend to join them one day! But, for now, I have a couple of two week long vacations per year and about 10 business trips a year. I must admit that there are so many interesting things all over the world. Odds are, you would like to be able to tell your friends and family about your experiences. Here I will list my advice on how to make great videos from your travels.

In fact, you don’t even need to travel to make travel videos. There are dozens of hidden travel gems all over the world. Even if you think that everything nearby is boring, there are some people in the world who live in a completely different environment and would be very excited to have a look at your place, and this is a great chance to train your skills in travel video production.

Kinds of travel videos

You can make many short films during your travels.

  • Hotel videos. Staying with AirBnb is even better – you could film the real life of locals then. A lot of close ups will help you to show very valuable tiny details. Don’t forget wide shots to provide a context and perspective.
  • Sightseeing. You could compose stories about local landmarks and sightseeing attractions. There should be a lot of wide shots, as if they’re moving photos. Try to capture some movement inside the frame. You can even move your camera a little bit to make video scenes more dynamic (just don’t get too much movement).
  • Diary style. Making a series of your day by day adventures could be a great idea.
  • Tour. You could make a video tour for those who aren’t able to get to the place in person. Pay attention to the sounds as they are most likely going to be needed in the final product.

Try to capture people’s emotions in the frame. This makes videos way more captivating.


Before starting it is very important to have a look at other travel videos that you find good enough. Make note of some video capture techniques (how to move camera, what to shoot, in which sequence). There are plenty of them on YouTube.

Travel Video Production

I suggest shooting videos with your smartphone. Whenever you see something interesting just pull out your phone and make a 3-5 second video. You’re likely to need about 20-30 video shots to make a 2 minute travel story. This is also a good length because you could easily find music for your video.

Travel Video Editing

This is the simplest part if you have Together App on your smartphone. Just import all of your videos and they will be automatically organized according to date and place. After that, just pick any group of videos, i.e. from a particular day or place, and splice them into movie. Watch the spliced video, re-order video scenes to convey a story. You can also cut video scenes to make a whole movie better.

That’s it. All you have to do now is to share your video with friends and family and get their feedback. This will help you to make better movies next time.

One final touch: Why not share the video on YouTube? It is as simple as one tap in Together App.

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