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Make a video for your friends


friends video

Of course you love your friends, but maybe you don’t always tell them that. Sure, you can use the new Facebook-feature that lets you make an instant slideshow of all of your Facebook-moments together. I’m sure you’ve seen them online already. A nice gesture, but all of those videos look exactly the same. If you want to really surprise your friends, make them a really personal video to tell them how much you appreciate your friendship. Here’s some pointers.

The easiest way is to put the best pictures of you both (or your group of friends) in Together and add some captions. Do you also have videos? Choose the best moments and edit those clips together. Don’t use videos that are too long but make some clippings to make sure your video stays short and snappy.

Add music: choose a melody that brings back memories or a song that best describes your friendship. Don’t forget, with Together  you can add music and still retain the original sound of the video, so make sure you use that to your advantage.

Give your video a title. Even if it’s just ‘Our friendship’ – a title is Always a great idea to start your movie with. You can superimpose this title with Together on the first frames of your film and even choose font, size and color to your liking. Of course, when you do a title, ending the video with a nice phrase to sum up your friendship could work nicely too. Maybe a quote, or a personal text to let them know you care. Be creative!

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