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Together’s new features week: Text Overlay


text overlay
As you might’ve already noticed, Together has gotten a ton of new features in the latest update. To celebrate, we’re highlighting one new feature every day this week. Today: Text Overlay, or how to add titles and text.

In movies, “show, don’t tell” is always the adagium. But sometimes you do need some words on your screen to explain yourself. You might want to show someone’s name when interviewing them, explain in which city you are or even provide some subtitles for a couple of foreign words. You can do all of this now with the new Together update. In your movie, choose “edit”, tap on the clip you want to add the text to and choose “text overlay”.

Enter in the words you want to add: you’ll see a box in the top left corner of the video preview. Choose a font, a size and a color and of course the length. For how long would you like the words to show on the screen? Generally, avoid showing any text for less than 3 seconds, as people would not have enough time to read it properly. However, the best way to verify this is to preview your video. Are you happy with the color and the font as well? Different videos need different fonts, do think about the type of video you are making and choose wisely. I would not advise “fun” fonts for business films. It might seem a viable idea sometimes, but in most cases people would take your movie less seriously with such fonts. Thankfully, there is a lot of fonts to choose from in Together and I’m sure the right one for your video is just there.

There is also the option to choose opacity. Do you want your text to appear directly onto the video, or do you want it to show up in a small text box? Choose how much of the background should remain visible and after that comes the final step: alignment. You can put the text anywhere; from top right through middle to bottom left: all options are there. Again, do try it out and preview your video to see if it has a proper alignment. Don’t just watch the still image and decide; some shots might conflict with your alignment, for example, words may go straight through a person’s face… Make sure that your text is positioned correctly all the way through!

Another word of advice: don’t put in too much text. However tempting it might be to put lots of commentary text and puns in your video, it does not always make your video better. If you want to add a lot of text, why not record a commentary track? More on that in tomorrow’s blog post!

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