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Together’s new features week: Voiceover


Day two of the new features week is all about Voiceover. You can get to this great new application the same way as to text overlay; just choose “edit” and go to voiceover on the bottom of the screen, under “add video effects”.

Using voiceover is easy. You just press the red recording button and while recording, you will also see the clip being played on your screen. This way, you can time your voice-over exactly with the video. Not happy while recording? Just press the red button again, get back to the editing screen and try again. If you are happy with the voiceover, make sure you let the clip run all the way to the end (even when you’ve finished your commentary sooner than that). After that, your voiceover will be stored and you’ll get a screen to adjust the sound level if needed. This is a really cool feature as you’ll be able to match the sound levels of the original sound of the video and your own recorded voice. If you’re not happy, this screen will also let you remove your voiceover – just watch and listen to the clip and decide whether you want to keep it or delete it. After all of this, press “done” top right and your voiceover is finished.

Some advice to get the best results: when recording a voiceover, make sure there is no background noise in the room you’re recording in. Also, speak slow and clear, don’t press your face too close to your mobile device (you’ll hear your breathing on the audio track if you do that) and pause every now and then.

Have you done a great voiceover? Do let us know! We’d love to see and hear some of your work with Together.

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