Video Editing on Your iPhone


iPhone video editing

Like many disciplines, movie making is often at its best and most sophisticated when the creator takes the time to master a number of tools to create their works.

This is definitely the case for mobile movie making, which has seen numerous new apps designed to cater to different sections of the market, but how do they all add up, and could many of them work better in conjunction with one another, rather than by using one on its own?

Here are three we think all movie makers should be using as a collective in order to get the most of our their movie making.

Built in iPhone Editing App

The best movies are those that use more than one medium as a part of their action.

Built in apps are often a little limited, allowing only for basic trimming, but any more complex app worth its salt will have import functionality, allowing you to break out your in-built app at a moment’s notice, and importing it for more dynamic editing later on.

The main benefit of the built-in iPhone editing app is based around its convenience – you can catch spontaneous action without a second thought, and go about your day ready to capture great moments.


iMovie is a sophisticated video editing tool, making it one of the more complex tools out there. This can make mastering it a little tricky, as its interface isn’t particularly intuitive and does take some getting used to, but it does allow you to do a lot with its tools.

iMovie is a great tool for the advanced amateur, who wants to devote a lot of time to their movie editing. This means it’s not ideal for those unexpected moments, but it is a great addition to any movie maker’s editing arsenal.


Together is a simple video editing app, which is centred around anyone who’s ever wanted to catch moments on-the-go, but go further than leaving their videos at that.

Together allows you to trim, splice, and add soundtracks to videos by compiling videos into albums which can be played out like movies in whatever way you like.

Together is a great tool to be used in conjunction with both the in-built editing app, and iMovie, as it allows the user to import existing videos and build on top of them. Together is also ideal for social sharing, as any video can be uploaded to Youtube and shared among social networks at the tap of a button.

So, amateur movie makers, here’s how we think you’re likely to get the best results from your mobile filmmaking – would you add anything else? How do you like to make movies on your phone?

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